Board Room Solutions

A Boardroom is an integral space to your company and should meet the requirements of the most important meetings and presentations. We can design a solution to meet your Boardroom, meeting and training rooms and public display AV requirements. Years of combined knowledge and experience enable us to bring together integration technologies to provide simple to use, yet highly intuitive systems.
Features Include:

  • Fully Automated Projector and screens
  • Mics & Voice Reinforcement System
  • Video Conferencing and Telepresence
  • Interactive and Electronic Whiteboards
  • Touchscreen Control
  • Popup AV Connection box
  • Wireless Airmedia Presentation
  • Automated Executive Office

    Our solutions make the Executive offices fully intelligent and automated with a touch of luxury. Systems are designed and implemented in a professional way to provide the perfect working environment for the senior executives.
    Features Include:

  • Lighting, AC, Curtains / Blinds Control
  • AirMedia Presentation
  • Background Music System
  • Touchscreen Control
  • Corporate Offices Automation

    We provide the systems that are designed with the latest technology and allows the client to control the office in a modern & energy efficient way.
    Features Include:

  • Lighting, AC, Curtains / Blinds Control
  • Time Attendance / Access control System
  • IP CCTV System
  • Meeting Room Scheduling System
  • Background Music System
  • Digital Signage Solutions
  • IP Telephone Systems
  • Commercial Lighting Control System

    Lighting control systems allow the end user to control their own environment as well as facilitate in energy saving. We provide flexible, scalable systems that can fully integrate lighting, shading, and sensors for maximum energy savings. These solutions can be easily designed, installed and reconfigured to meet the changing needs of your building. Make your building work harder for you by adding intelligent, energy-efficient lighting control System.
    Features Include:

  • Commercial Lighting Control Based on KNX System
  • Central Control of Lights from Touchscreen / PC
  • Time Scheduling of Lights
  • Presence Sensor based Lighting Control
  • Light Level based lighting control
  • Reporting & Trending