Lighting Control Systems

Lighting control system designed to provide you with world-class operation and reliability at a down-to-earth price. Smart lighting adds elegance, ambiance, convenience and energy efficiency to your home. Make your house appear occupied while you are away.
Features Include:

  • Mood lighting scenes for each room or for the entire home
  • A range of attractive switches to match any interior
  • Smoothly dim lights up and down according to time of the day and daylight intensity
  • Run user-defined scenarios. Welcome scene, Vacation mode, TV watching, Party mood, Romantic
        dinner and so on.
  • Adjusting brightness of a room according to user's comfort level.
  • Air Conditioning Control

    Smart home AC Control system optimises the way you cool your home by maximising efficiency and ensuring you only cool your home when you need to. You can choose to take control of your cooling from your smartphone or simply let it get on with things automatically in the background.
    Features Include:

  • With Smart home System, you can control all your air conditioners collectively and individually,
        from your tablet, phone or computer.
  • Specific schedules for the air conditioning operation under Smart home System control will create
        an ideal temperature and lower your electric bills.
  • With intelligent controls , you air conditioner will turn off automatically when you leave the room
        and thus helps in energy saving.
  • Home automation system provides comfortable temperature levels in different areas of the
        house subject to the occupancy in the area and the time of the day.
  • The energy consumption is kept at the minimum level required to provide the highest comfort.
  • Curtains & Blinds Control

    Whether you've got blinds, awnings or shutters, your Smart Home control system can bring them all together and manage them centrally
    Features Include:

  • Enjoy the added convenience of automated motorized blinds, curtains or shutters in your home.
  • Controlled individually or in entire groups, they operate (open or close) automatically based on
        schedules or the external light level, or simply by using a ipad / touchscreen or intelligent
  • Multiroom Background Music systems

    Multi room audio allows you to listen to different music in different rooms of your home or to have your music follow you as move between rooms. We design multi room audio system to be sleek, including speakers that slot seamlessly into your ceiling, so you can enjoy great sound without the clutter.
    Features Include:

  • Ceiling / wall or floor standing speaker options.
  • Special rated speakers for outdoor music
  • Controllable wirelessly from iphone / Android devices
  • Can be Connected to multiple sources like internet radio, fm, local music servers, AppleTV etc.
  • Option to airplay music from Apple/ Android devices
  • Central sound server can be used to play and control music from any part of the home
  • Centralised Audio Visual Systems

    Centralized AV means having music and video in every room of your home with nothing more than a wall mounted keypad, TV screen and virtually invisible in-wall speaker's / ceiling speaker.
    Features Include:

  • Whole house audio/video refers to a centralized AV system that pipes music and video signals
        throughout the home and users can play programs in selected rooms or play different programs
        in different rooms.
  • Users can select programs wirelessly through Apple / Android devices, touch screens or remotes.
  • Play videos from network video server, Apple tv, Blu Ray player or stream videos directly from
  • Home Theatre Systems

    Our home theater designers are experienced in selecting suitable electronic equipment, acoustic panels, theater settings, Projectors and speaker systems etc. Now you can sit, relax and enjoy your home theater experience..
    Features Include:

  • Fully automated home theater with 4k / 3d projectors & Special cinema screen
  • High quality surround sound system
  • Play movies from Network based movie server, Blue Ray player or Apple tv
  • Fully controllable from ipad or touchscreen
  • Options for special cinema seats
  • CCTV Systems

    Professionally designed and installed CCTV system to provide your home additional security care and peace of mind for you.
    Features Include:

  • We provide you a variety of CCTV cameras which goes well with your aesthetic surroundings.
  • Our CCTV camera variety include dome camera, bullet camera, box camera, PTZ camera in both
        analog and IP.
  • Intercom Systems

    See who is at your door from anywhere inside your home with our audio / video intercom systems.
    Features Include:

  • Audio / video intercom systems ensure you extra safety and security.
  • You can interact with the person outside without opening doors.
  • Video intercom for monitoring and restricting access from outside.
  • Option to view and control access from smart touch panels over wifi.
  • WiFi & Networking Systems

    We design the villa WiFi networking system to provide you seamless Wi-Fi signal coverage
    Features Include:

  • Indoor and outdoor rated access points installed in various locations
  • Access internet for mobile phones, smart touchpanels, laptops, PC's etc
  • Stream music, video etc from internet through WiFi
  • Client can control lights, curtains / blinds, AC systems through smart touch screen or mobile
        phones wirelessly
  • Play music, control Tv, projects, View Cctv cameras, intercom system etc wirelessly over wifi
  • Telephone Systems

    We provide the latest IP / Hybrid telephone Systems that give you all the advanced features with the touch of luxury.
    Features Include:

  • Wired and wireless telephone sets with various calling options
  • Configurable for Intercom communication
  • Wireless Communication options
  • Integratable with Audio Entry Intercom System
  • Advanced options to integrate with Iphone / Android phones
  • Access Control Systems

  • IP based access control system, with various technology options like biometrics ( fingerprint
        access control system / face recognition access control system), keypads and cards.
  • Restrict and monitor the access to various areas
  • Access control systems range from a single door system to bigger networked systems.
  • Now you dont need locks and keys to keep your room secure. It also saves you from the
        inconvenience of changing locks each time you misplace your keys.